Papaya Colada

This variation on the Piña Colada (literally “strained pineapple”) substitutes papaya, grown in many a garden in Aruba for the original. One disputed but romantic story says that an early nineteenth-century Puerto Rican pirate, Roberto Cofresi, gave his crew a drink made from coconut, pineapple, and white rum to boost morale. More likely, the drink was created in 1954 by a bartender, Ramón “Monchito” Marrero, at the famed Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Use a combination of crushed ice plus a few larger cubes to help agitate the drink.


  • 50 ml Bodegas Papiamento Rum [1½ ounces plus 1 teaspoon]

  • 50 ml coconut syrup [1½ ounces plus 1 teaspoon]

  • Dash of pica di papaya [Aruban papaya hot sauce such as Hot Delight]

  • 20 ml lime juice [½ ounce plus 1 teaspoon]

  • 20 ml Runny Honey [½ ounce plus 1 teaspoon]

  • 10 ml banana liqueur [2 teaspoons]

  • 3 dashes Tiki or aromatic bitters

  • 5 papaya wedges, papaya purée about 150 grams [5 ounces]


  • 1 papaya wedge, for garnish


Add all ingredients to the jar of a blender with ice and blend on high speed to a smooth purée. Serve in a Hurricane glass with a papaya wedge for garnish.

125 ml honey [4½ ounces] 125 ml warm water [4½ ounces]
Combine the honey and water, stirring well. Transfer to a jar, cover, and store refrigerated up to one month.

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