July 2022

March 2022

Rum Talks


Papia Rum / Rum Talks EPISODE 2.In this episode Franz Sydow (General Manager and Rum Connoisseur) and Carl Tjong-a-tjoe (Rum Advocate) taste the Aruba Reserve, Carnival Edition for the first time and share their opinions. Carl Tjong-a-tjoe is a [...]

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3-time Award Winner


3-time Award Winner We are proud and honoured to have won the Bronze medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London, England. The International Wine & Spirits Competition sets the benchmark for quality, standing out in [...]

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February 2022

Award Winner Finalist


Award Winner Finalist International Sugar Cane Spirits Award finalist in Paris, France. The most legitimate sugarcane spirits competition. SHOP

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January 2022

Orgel Mes


Orgel Mes We celebrated and commemorated Aruba’s great leaders In Honor of Dia Di Betico, we would like to share this video, where Papiamento rum was present in giving tribute to Aruba’s cultural heritage, going back to [...]

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December 2021

June 2021

Award Winner


Award Winner Bodegas Papiamento Aruba Reserve wins the Great Golden medal, the highest distinction in the third edition of the prestigious International Awards Virtus competition in Lisbon 2021. More than 25 European judges recognised Bodegas Papiemento Aruba Reserve [...]

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February 2021

Rum Talks


Papia Rum / Rum Talks EPISODE 1. In this episode Franz Sydow (General Manager and Rum Connoisseur) and Alfonso Mora (Mixologist) describe the origin of Papiamento Rum and will show you how to drink it! We begin by [...]

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January 2021

Ataniro Papiamento Rum


Ataniro Papiamento Rum The new song “Dios Para Den” of Ataniro the Legend and Steve Andreas has been in the top charts of all ABC Islands since its release last month of October. Breaking all top charts of [...]

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Papiamento Cocktails


Papiamento Cocktails We spent a great evening with our Bartender Master developing our versions of classic cocktails with a Dutch Caribbean Style Rum twist and also unique creations specially designed to enhance the sweet and intense flavour of Papiamento [...]

Papiamento Cocktails2021-02-28T08:58:42+00:00
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