Bodegas Papiamento


In 2017, the 4 Sydow brothers (Hans, Franz, Erick and Klaus) and a very dear friend Alfonso Mora had the idea of producing and comercialize a premium and super premium sipping rum inspired in Aruba.

Being old Venezuelan immigrants on the island, they identify in Arubas mix of cultures, an inspiration to create a rum based on the One Happy spirit of the Island. A mix of cultures so unique that have given birth to a language made by the fusion of African, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch and words of the Arawak natives who inhabited the area before the conquest.

A combination so unique that have inspired us to create Bodegas Papiamento Aruba Reserve, as a tribute to the island.

“We use the names Papiamento and Aruba because the island represents everything our rum has to offer: joy, happiness, sophistication, mix of cultures, communication, sharing…a life celebration, but above all, its relaxed and happy spirit, ideal to talk, share, enjoy and revive best memories with close friends”

Because sugar cane does not exist on the island, our Master Rummaker selected Panama for its proximity and similar climate to produce the alcohols. A careful selection of alcohols aged from 3 to 15 years in barrels from the old and new world, has created a unique blend, inspired in the culture of the Dutch Caribbean ABC Islands.

Our facility in Aruba’s Cruise Port will Open Soon!!!


In a sipping premium and super premium rum, we want our consumer to rest assured they will always get the same great quality taste of any Papiamento Rum. Here our Key Factors:

The key ingredient is Sugar Cane Molasses (SCM). Using SCM from sugar mills guarantees a consistent quality standard. SCM is a homogeneous ingredient whereas using sugar cane can, and will, vary its properties based on season, weather and other uncontrollable factors.
Our production process is batch vs. continues fermentation. This process guarantees better controls on the yeast reactions and outcomes. Such rigorous batch processes also trigger controls of the resulting esters and alcohols from the process, and consequently the right aromas.
Our proprietary yeast formula is built to convert only about 8 or 8 ½ % of alcohol, vs. industry averages that tend to transform +10%. This is a lesser efficient process as it goes slower. Our two-column distilling process leverages the property of copper to eliminate sulphurs, ultimately rounding the very best aroma experience to pair with our balance taste.
Our rum goes into the barrel at 150 proof, that is higher than the average industry. A higher alcohol content slows down the process of exchange between the barrel and the rum…Our master distiller leverages heavy and light rums from barrels that range from a minimum of 3 years to 12 and 15-year-old barrels, securing our unique taste.
Similar to many great rums, we use NEW WORLD white oak Bourbon or Tennessee barrels for ageing. Our final secret is finishing the aged rum in an OLD-WORLD Jerez barrel of French oak, giving Papiamento the smooth and sweet aftertaste.

Caribbean weather

Despite hurricanes, is quite a treat. The humidity and the heat open the porous of the wood for maximum interaction with the liquid. Ultimately transferring not only the brown gold color, but also the characteristic taste of Papiamento.

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